Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Weak ?

Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Weak?

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A subwoofer is a loudspeaker structured to reproduce low audio frequencies. These are known as bass and sub-bass, lower in frequency than those generated by a woofer. 

When we hear that sound that is familiar to us as the sound of a subwoofer. And notices that it is producing a local frequency than usual. Then there is likely a problem.

Generally, we had a common complaint with car subwoofers that we hear usually. Then it must be this,” Why does my subwoofer produce low sound?”

Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Weak

Some steps that you have to focus on first

To solve this problem we need to be ensured about something which is mentioned below-

  •    Did you check the settings?
  •    Is your subwoofer mounted with a bad box?
  •    Did you check your RCA cables?
  •    Is your subwoofer still new?
  •    Is your subwoofer underpowered?


If you feel that your subwoofer doesn’t work properly then you need to diagnose and fix it. Yet this problem causes something easy to fix.

First of all, you make sure that the motor is still running properly. We have to find the actual problem.

If the battery or fuse is blowing, then you have to check the motor. We can use an amplifier to boost the low-frequency output that the subwoofer is producing.

There are different types of amplifiers that we can use easily. Which subwoofer you are using the frequency will vary depending on it.

If you are using an eight-inch subwoofer so that it will produce a frequency. That is higher than a four-inch subwoofer. You should always make sure that your subwoofer is not underpowered.

If you use an amplifier that can help to get the subwoofer to produce an outstanding bass level. Although you don’t need an amplifier. Because where you place the unit, they will help you enhance all over the room’s sound.

Moreover, if you use an amplifier it will add an extra benefit for your subwoofer.

If your subwoofer sound weak then you should fix it at an appropriate level. Like if you are using a three-way speaker, it should be set up for a high crossover setting. Besides using a two-way speaker, you should set up the setting for a low crossover.

The setting of the subwoofer is very easy. Set up your subwoofer woofers will depend on the type of your desired setting. The frequency settings which you set up for subwoofers should match the setting. That you set up for your main speaker.

You should also remember one of the biggest things is to start the sound. And adjust the level until the subwoofer produces the low frequency that you want it to produce.

The basic structure of a subwoofer consists of the voice coil and former, spider, surround, Voice coil gap and backplate.

Voice coil and former

The voice coil is a coil of wire wrapped and glued around a cylinder, called a former. The voice coil uses the incoming signal to react with the sun’s magnetic field to create movement in the cone, making sound, voice coils get very hot. When they work hard hot enough to melt the glue, or burn the wires, or deform the former, or all three.


The spider is a flexible ring that supports the rear of a sub’s cone to the frame and helps keep the voice coil aligned properly. Forcing the spider to move faster than it was designed could tear or deform it.


The surround is a flexible ring. That supports the front of the sub’s cone to the frame. While giving the cone the freedom to move forward and back its fully designed distance. Stretched too far, the surround could tear away from the cone.

Voice coil gap

This is where the voice coil moves in and out, hopefully without touching the sides and jamming.


The centre part of the voice coil gap, the pole piece, sits on the rear of the sub-assembly, the backplate. You don’t want the voice coil crashing into it.

How to check my subwoofer sounds quality?

  • You can play a movie with explosions or music with a strong bassline and feel your subwoofer’s sound quality. Only low-frequency sound will come from a subwoofer. So that you have to make sure that which media you are playing. Which contains low-frequency sounds like explosions or deep bass.
  • By increasing the bass of your subwoofer. If you would like louder bass from your subwoofer then you can adjust the level. Which depends on the subwoofer model that you are using.

How do Make my subwoofer sound better?


Step-1- You should add a filter to your subwoofer

Subwoofers have an electrical filter in them. These filters have a resonance filter. Which you have in your amplifier to make your subwoofer sound great at low volumes. But it will produce a distorted sound at high volumes.

Step-2- Replace the spider of your subwoofer

Many of us are familiar with a tweeter but a spider is a small cone that is placed in front of the woofer. You can create a whole new sound by changing the subwoofer which you have.

Step-3-You can add a phase shifter to your subwoofer

Phase shifters are great equipment for a subwoofer. Many people do not know this thing but phase shifters are exactly what they sound like. 

Step-4-You don’t need to overcompensate for your subwoofer

A subwoofer can produce a lot of basses. Finally, it may be necessary to turn down the speakers to get the perfect sound.

But you don’t need to do this because it will rob the sound of the low-frequency bass that the subwoofer can produce.

Step-5-You can upgrade your subwoofer

If you feel your subwoofer not performing well, you can get a new voice coil to make the best sound quality. You can easily grab the best subwoofer for your car under $100.When you upgrade your subwoofer then you will also need a subwoofer box and speaker wires.

Final thoughts about your subwoofer

If you decide to replace your subwoofer then you should consider the above solution. But if you have tried all the ways but still do not get any result, then you have to think about changing the subwoofer.


Above all the sound of your subwoofer means that there is an error you need to find out the problem. And if you want you can follow the suggestion which is given above.



Why does my subwoofer sound weak?

There are many reasons why your subwoofer sounds weak. But at first, you have to find out the actual problem.

How to make my subwoofer sound better?

For better sound quality, you can use an amplifier so that it will produce an outstanding bass level.

Does the sound quality of a subwoofer depend on its size?

Yes. The sound quality of a subwoofer will vary depending on its size.

What are the things we should keep in mind before buying a subwoofer?

Size, loading, power rating, cabinet and finish, only one or many subs. Here are five things to keep in mind before buying a subwoofer.

How do I know if my subwoofer is blown?

The most common symptom of a blown speaker is an unpleasant buzzing or scratching sound by itself. And harshly at the pitch of the note, the speaker is attempting to reproduce the sound. So, no sound can be produced at all.

Is an under-seat subwoofer good for us?

Yes. Under-seat subwoofers are ideal for anyone. Who wants an extra bump but doesn’t want to change anything else.

If I feel my subwoofer sounds weak then what should I check first?

The first thing you make sure that the motor is still running properly.

What happens if a subwoofer is underpowering?

Underpowering a subwoofer isn’t inherently bad for the sub. Not giving it enough power only means that the music will sound weak. If we do not do this which leads to it tearing apart or overheating and burning out.

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