Why does the subwoofer not as loud as it used to be

Why Does The Subwoofer Not As Loud As it Used to be

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The most common way one becomes involved with music is by listening to or attending to a musical environment. If we are music lovers then a subwoofer is our daily opinion. Music cheers our minds.

Listening at home on a speaker or in the car or on the computer can be a very personally fulfilling experience. Music sets a mood and a vibe as we hear it in lounges, bars, parties.

But it all happens when a subwoofer performs good quality music. But sometimes we face a common problem which is “Why does the subwoofer not as loud as it used to be?

Some Specific Reason Why does the subwoofer not as loud as it used to be?


  • Low-frequency sound

  • Underpowered subwoofer

  • Poor room acoustics

  • Incorrect speaker settings

  • Incorrect amplifier size

  • Motor failure

  • Poor microphone configuration


How to fix a subwoofer troubleshoot?


 Since you can’t tell where bass comes from, again it doesn’t matter where you put a subwoofer. Although the bass will indeed appear to be located at the front speakers. The subwoofer placement makes a big difference in the quality of bass that appears to be coming from here.

If your subwoofer is new then it requires to break in. You have just bought a subwoofer and mounted it in a box it needs some time then you will definitely feel a slight change in sound after some period of break-in.

You will always make sure that your subwoofer isn’t underpowered. The danger is when that power comes from an amplifier that’s being overtaxed, exhausted or overworked, and sends out a clipped signal.

You have to check your settings. If your settings seem to be good, review your menu settings on your receiver. A bad crossover setting would absolutely make your subwoofer sound weak. You make sure that the subwoofer’s output hasn’t also been adjusted down.

Bass is much harder to amplify the rest of the spectrum of sound. For this reason, you need a large and beefy subwoofer amplifier that can work with a  wide range of impedance. And also you have tone controls and filters specially made to help reproduce bass.

Some Fixes That you can Easily Do


If your RCA cables become loose or have a lot of wiggle room at the amp, your subwoofer will intermittently keep cutting out. It also happens when the RCA cables are dirty or have corrosion on them.

If possible you can open your amplifiers and check. The RCA solder joints are cracked or if there are any leaks or burns on the circuit board.

If you have multiple subwoofers mounted in the same box and their bass is not powerful, you need to make sure they are not wired out of phase. When there are two subwoofers mounted in the enclosure with both woofers facing the same direction. And one of them in wires out of face moves the opposite way.

If you have a bad enclosure by which your subwoofer is mounted it may cause all sorts of problems. It is highly recommended to use a mounting gasket between the wooden box and the sub.

If you have your subwoofer mounted with an enclosure make sure you physically take the box out carefully and check all around it. If you are thinking to replace the enclosure of your subwoofer, then you should emphasize on manufactures recommended type and size.


There are a lot of causes you may face in your new subwoofer.


What Hz is best for bass?

20-120 Hz rating is best for bass in most of the subwoofers.

What would cause a subwoofer not to work?

The most common cause of speaker failure is short-circuiting.

How do I make my bass fuller?

Adding a boost around 300-400 Hz brings out the tone of the bass without cluttering up the low-mids.

Do subwoofers get louder as they break in?

Subwoofers should not get louder as they break in.

How can I make my bass sound better? 

Use a mild ratio around 2:1 and slow attack and release times to compress the track about 3-6 dB.

Is a subwoofer in a car worth it?

If you love music then you definitely should get a subwoofer.

Will a 1000 watt amp drain the battery?

1000 watt amp will not drain your battery but a capacitor is highly recommended.

What frequency is deep bass?

The frequency of deep bass is below 40 Hz.

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