Subwoofer Making Noise without Input; Why this happens, How to Fix?

Why is my subwoofer making noise when turned on?

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Subwoofers and clamour are an argumentative point that makes for intriguing discussion, also huge amounts of money. Subwoofers do make a commotion and they likewise need to make it boisterous. To have the option to siphon out sufficient sound waves to have an effect in your current circumstance. They hugely affect the manner in which the audience hears the music, audio effects and different sounds that are available in your room. 

So, for what reason does the base end make more commission than the top end? There are numerous reasons however one thing that is generally acknowledged as the reason is the air disregarding the case. On the off chance that you take a gander at any top-end model of the subwoofer. It will frequently have confounded around the engine. And drivers that permit the sound waves to go through without being impeded. 

Common Discussion about Subwoofer Making Noise

The main interesting point is the way solid waves are delivered. Sound waves are created by a vibrating object.

On the off chance that you change the number of electrons or charge in a material. You will likewise change the size of the attraction encompassing the material. 

At the point when you apply power to materials, you make a field that can make that material reverberate. And these resonances can make vibrations that can be perused by the human ear as sound. Everything begins with the electric field made by the energy that is moving through a circuit. 

What’s more, since you see how a resounding circuit makes sound waves. You can start to perceive how a subwoofer functions. 

The circuit in the subwoofer works by making an electric field that courses through the loops in the subwoofer. The driver, which is the thing that the subwoofer is connected to, is then situated in the way of this field. 

As the sound waves are going through the driver, they make some energy. That is gotten by the cone inside the crate. 

Presently the cone moves to and fro, making vibrations in the speaker. That is changed over to sound waves that are conveyed by the speaker. The entirety of this is to say that subwoofers do make a commotion and there is a justification for it.

Reasons Of making Noise:

  • First of all it may causes due to the subwoofer because the power supply unit doesn’t work properly.
  • Then the main cable could be the source of noise sometime.
  • Humming loop is the another reason.

How to Get Rid Of Making Noise When Turned On

  • Get an audio isolation transformer.
  • Alter the polarity of your sub’s connection. 
  • Switch outlets.
  • Overturn other plugs.
  • Keep the cables separated.


Some time our subwoofer making a popping noise or when we turned on our system. You can fix this kind of problem by maintaining some easy fixes. Which are given above the article by us.

Primarily you can try to fix your problems by following the article. If it’s hard to fix then you should take technical support for the problem.


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